Everyone Who Wants a Family Should Be Able To Have One

At Les Petits Surrogacy, we see the beneficiaries of surrogacy services every day. It’s our greatest joy and at the heart of why we provide these services. Beneficiaries are diverse and range from Intended Parents wishing to create or grow a family to Surrogates that want to give the gift of life and the many people who touch their lives along the journey.

Intended Parents often evaluate if surrogacy is right for them for a myriad of reasons. For those who face heartbreaking challenges in conceiving a child, infertility can be emotionally and psychologically challenging, leading couples and individuals on a journey of disappointment and despair. Whether due to medical conditions, same-sex partnerships, or other circumstances, surrogacy provides an avenue for parenthood that might otherwise be unattainable. Surrogacy emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a pathway to parenthood. For individuals or couples, surrogacy services represent a lifeline, enabling one to fulfill their dreams of having a family. We take pride in making parenthood attainable for all.

Many women choose to become Surrogates out of a genuine desire to help others experience the joys of parenthood. Although the impetus is an altruistic motivation, surrogacy empowers women and offers enhanced financial stability for their own family. By providing the gift of surrogacy, these selfless women not only help Intended Parents in realizing their dreams, but also are fulfilled in a way that no other experience can offer.

The assistance we provide extends beyond the immediate participants to professionals and service providers involved in the surrogacy process. The fertility specialists, attorneys, psychologists, and support staff we engage are part of an extended family here at Les Petits Surrogacy. Their expertise and guidance ensures that the process proceeds smoothly, ethically, and legally, contributing to the well-being of both Intended Parents and Surrogates.

When we support individuals or couples to become parents, Les Petits Surrogacy is helping to strengthen family units and foster genuine relationships. Children born through surrogacy are welcomed into loving homes, where they receive care, support, and opportunities for growth.

Moreover, the acceptance and normalization of diverse family structures promoted by surrogacy contribute to a more inclusive society, where individuals are judged not by their reproductive capabilities or sexual orientation but by their capacity to love and nurture.

Our goal is simple: enable individuals and couples to express their innate ability to love and nurture their own children.