Surrogate Pay and Compensation

Understanding Surrogacy Compensation:
Base Pay, Benefits, and Considerations

Alongside the emotional and ethical considerations of surrogacy, financial aspects play a crucial role in making this process feasible for all parties involved. Surrogacy compensation encompasses various components, including base pay, benefits, and additional considerations tailored to ensure fairness and support throughout the surrogacy journey.  Les Petits Surrogacy does not offer “out of the box” compensation.  Every surrogacy is different.  We offer highly competitive compensation and benefits packages tailored to each Surrogate’s needs.

What Can You Expect for Compensation?

The base compensation component for surrogacy varies significantly and typically ranges from $65,000 – $100,000+. However, this figure can increase substantially based on additional factors such as the Surrogate’s location, experience with prior successful pregnancies, willingness to carry multiples, or willingness to undergo certain medical procedures.

Experience plays a significant role in determining base pay. Surrogates with prior successful surrogacy experiences or uncomplicated pregnancies may command higher compensation due to their proven track record and reduced risk factors.

What do Benefits Look Like?
In addition to base pay, Surrogates may receive a range of benefits designed for your support throughout the surrogacy process. Some common benefits include:

Medical Expenses: Intended Parents cover all medical expenses related to the surrogacy process, including prenatal care, delivery costs, and any necessary medical procedures or treatments. This ensures that the Surrogate incurs no out-of-pocket expenses for medical care during the pregnancy.

Insurance Coverage: Surrogates must have comprehensive health insurance coverage that includes maternity care. In cases where the Surrogate’s existing insurance does not cover surrogacy-related expenses, the Intended Parents are responsible for obtaining and covering the cost of a suitable insurance policy for the Surrogate. In cases where the Surrogates’ existing policy does cover surrogacy-related expenses, Intended Parents will reimburse the Surrogate for the monthly premium during their journey.

Legal Representation: Surrogates are entitled to legal representation throughout the surrogacy process to ensure that their rights and interests are protected. Intended Parents cover the cost of legal representation for both parties, including drafting and reviewing surrogacy agreements and handling any legal issues that may arise during the process.

Counseling and Support Services: Surrogacy can be emotionally challenging, and Surrogates require support services to navigate the complex emotions involved. Many surrogacy agencies offer counseling services or access to support to help Surrogates cope with the psychological aspects of the journey.

Invasive Procedures or Complications: Surrogates who undergo invasive medical procedures or experience complications during pregnancy may receive additional compensation to account for the increased risks and discomfort associated with these circumstances.

Additional Expenses: Surrogates may incur additional expenses during the surrogacy process, such as travel costs for medical appointments, childcare expenses, or lost wages if they need to take time off work. Intended Parents may agree to reimburse these expenses or provide a monthly allowance as part of the surrogacy agreement.

Our Commitment to You!
Surrogates should never be paying for any surrogacy costs!  At Les Petits Surrogacy compensation is designed to ensure fairness and support throughout the surrogacy journey. While compensation levels vary based on several factors, the goal is to provide adequate financial support and resources to facilitate a positive and fulfilling surrogacy experience for all parties involved.