Matching with Your Surrogate

How Do Identify Your Perfect Match?

Matching implies making a good fit and we believe the matching process evolves as a result of both the Intended Parents and the Surrogate finding each other through deep discovery. 

This discovery is grounded in how we get to know both you as an Intended Parent and the Surrogates who want to help make your dream come true.  This sounds relatively simple but the nuances of what makes for a good fit runs deeply into what both parties value, how they prefer to communicate, medical requirements and identifying commonalities.

Surrogates and Intended Parents feel most comfortable when they have rich, thoroughly vetted profiles presented for review. They look for shared views, goals and connection.  Ensuring compatibility and mutual understanding is essential.  Here we make sure to understand expectations and specific criteria you may have and work towards making the perfect match.

The Proof is in the Details

Once you decide to move forward with Les Petits Surrogacy, Rebecca will meet you to become familiar with your goals and desires. We begin to gather information about your family, values, reasons for pursuing surrogacy, and what you are looking for in a Surrogate.  From here, you will begin building your Intended Parent Profile, detailing your background, preferences and expectations for the surrogacy journey.

Once your Profile is complete, Les Petits Surrogacy will screen potential Surrogates to ensure they meet certain criteria, which includes physical health, mental health, lifestyle factors, and previous medical history and pregnancies. This screening process helps to identify candidates who are medically and emotionally fit to carry a child for someone else and is a continuous process we do to ensure the best possible Surrogates.

Matching is a Two-Way Evolution

We recognize that matching is often an evolution. It takes nurturing before it comes to fruition. At Les Petits Surrogacy we facilitate the matching process by presenting potential Surrogate candidates to the Intended Parents, along with their profiles and relevant medical information. Similarly, Surrogates are presented with profiles of intended parents. Both parties have the opportunity to review these profiles and express interest in potential matches.

Meeting and Interviews: If there is mutual interest between the Intended Parents and a Surrogate candidate, Les Petits Surrogacy will arrange a virtual meeting. These meetings allow both parties to get to know each other better, ask questions, and discuss their expectations and preferences for the surrogacy journey. This stage is crucial for establishing rapport, ensuring compatibility and identifying commonalities. Often times this is an emotional meeting culminating in the parties confirming their desire to move forward together.

If one or both parties do not feel a connection and do not wish to move forward together, we learn from each meeting and evolve our criteria and expectations. This part of the process is where you’ll find the most value in Les Petits Surrogacy. We have an excellent track record in matching Surrogates and intended parents and can make navigating the nuances enlightening and empowering. We promise an evolutionary process with the very best results – a successful match!

What comes Next?

Once intended parents are matched with a Surrogate, Les Petits Surrogacy will review the surrogacy process and milestones so you know exactly what to expect. We coordinate the entire process from start to finish working with physicians specialized in reproductive endocrinology, maternal fetal medicine, obstetrics, licensed mental health professionals and social workers, attorneys, registered dieticians, doulas, lactation consultants, acupuncturists and others in place to support you through this amazing journey.